Medlid RCM provides complete revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare practices. We manage processes from the front desk to billing and payment collections.

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RCM and Medical Billing Services

Medlid RCM is a healthcare billing services provider with an added expertise in revenue cycle management that completes the revenue cycle for medical practices, starting from patient front desk management, insurance eligibility check, coding, billing, claim submission, and payment collection.

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Our Best Solutions

Medical Billing Services

Small and medium-sized clinics can benefit from the excellent medical billing services offered by Medlid RCM. Our billing services guarantee that invoices and payment claims are prepared accurately.

Medical Coding Services

The most important component that serves as the cornerstone of the entire billing process for healthcare service providers is coding. To produce the finest results, Medlid RCM works with licensed medical coders.

Medical Credentialing Services

If physician credentialing is not handled correctly, problems can arise. Our services for physician credentialing and re-credentialing prevent any delays and financial losses.

Front Office Management

The front office management services provided by MEDLID RCM guarantee accurate data collection at the front desk by determining whether patients’ insurance coverage is valid and by conducting follow-ups to reduce patient no-shows.

Medical Transcription Services

The medical transcriptionists at Medlid RCM have the expertise of the top US medical transcribe firms, and they work with the most cutting-edge equipment available.

Value-Added Services

Medlid RCM is more than just a medical billing business; rather, we work to close the revenue cycle while emphasizing effective revenue cycle management and enhancing the healthcare industry.

We Do It All!

All practice management solutions are compatible with our services, which are not software-specific. Our support staff is accessible around-the-clock to provide free advice.